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“Superb stay at Hanoi Symphony Hotel”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 23, 2012

Symphony Hotel is one of the best hotels, which I have ever stayed at. The price is really reasonable and the staff is very friendly and; will even accompany you to the train station for the Sapa tour. A nice, hot breakfast was included in the stay. I took both the Halong Bay and Sapa tours with the Symphony staff. The Halong Bay tour was fantastic and one of the best events in my 3-month Asia trip. The food was incredible, happy hour was fun, the views were just like those seen in the travel books, and it included kayaking. Sapa was beautiful, a remote spot in the mountains, with lots of rice terraces, water buffalo, and farming. It was slightly touristy b/c they are trying to sell their wonderful homemade crafts. The food was okay at the Sapa Summit Hotel. The staff was very nice there, too.

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